About OS

Martina-Riccarda Niklis

 I built a sword for myself. Made of pearwood, which is a very hard and yet light wood with a very beautiful color that can border on violet. The sword is almost one meter long and single-edged, and I have engraved the logo of Possibility Management (www.possibilitymanagement.org) on it. I cut the Japanese character for NOW into the tip of the sword and filled it with shellac.

I could say that the sword has been waiting for me in various different pear trees for about 6.000 years and I have now taken it out again. But that is a different story ...

The name of my sword is Os. That’s how the name Oswords for this website manifested. In this artificial word, the words "Os", "sword" and "words" are hidden.
Os is an expression of clarity, courage and focus. As are my words.

Story of OS / written by Alba Morija Kant

 I had a vision these days. The entrance door to this vision was loud, roaring loud. A piercing cry that makes your bones tremble and is heard all over the world. I went through that door because I knew it so well and suddenly found that blood had sullied the floor. I ventured a little deeper into the room that day. I wanted to see what it was. I wanted to see what it is. I had my sword Os by my side.

I was in the middle of a gigantic battle. A battle that took place many thousand years ago on this earth. It was a battle that was crucial for the continued existence of the earth. So much blood had been shed in this enormous battle that all fighters were wading through blood reaching up to their knees. Blood was also raining from the darkened sky.

I found myself standing in front of a warrior, one head taller than me. He was dressed completely in black and his body looked angular, not quite like a human being. Around us there was unimaginable noise, roaring and a ripping wind. I drew my sword Os and held it in my left hand for my opponent to see the character for the NOW. It was right in front of his eyes. The sharpened edge of the sword was turned to the right. I suddenly understood that love is what unites us, and that love is the only thing that can end this battle. Many of us were in this battle and many of those who are now in my life have fallen in this battle.

When the battle had ended, I put Os in the trunk of a young pear tree. Now, after several thousand years, the time has come to carry Os with me again.


 As soon as the sword was finished, a neighbour came to visit one evening. It was my birthday and some friends were there. At some point everyone went home. Only my neighbour had stayed. I was tired and wanted to go to sleep. I did not dare to send him away, so I talked to him. He wanted to talk to me about relationships and sex, so we talked about relationships and sex. I did not dare to draw a line and throw him out. At some point he took my hand and kissed me on the cheek. I asked him to leave. He pulled me closer and tried to kiss me. In his eyes I saw an uncontrollable desire. He could no longer control himself. I know this look from other encounters with men. There was a slight panic in me. Then I remembered my sword. It was laying on the chair because I had shown it to my guests. I took it in my hand and held it in front of his face. I said nothing, only showed him the sword. He reacted slightly confused and let me go for a moment. I used this moment to open the apartment door and push him out.

I built myself a sword. It was a matter of great importance to me. But it doesn't matter if you actually build such a sword. For us women it is especially important we don’t forget that we have a sword and that the power of this sword lies in each of us. We are the sword. It is not about spilling blood or fighting. The power of the sword can also be very gentle and peaceful. It can be friendly and respectful. It can see, hear, taste and feel every resistance and every attack, every reproach and every argument and yet remain soft.

I made the experience that every violence is transformed into gold dust if it does not encounter hardness and resistance, but love. The power of the sword lies in clarity, lies in the NOW, lies in love. Be a sword, sister!