This is for you

There is no shortcut through the darkness. (warrioress)


I have always known that there is something wrong here in the world, but I have only been aware of it for a short time.

I have been quite low a few times in my life. There was not much to find down there for me. I had enough to do to stay there and endure it. There is no shortcut through the darkness, for me it was about going all the way and not seeing anything for a long time. As I said, I found nothing down there, but I saw something that is much older than my flesh and blood body. These are my bright principles: Clarity, creation, integrity and encouragement.
They are real and powerful and I brought them here! For you...

An emotional healing process is about consciously experiencing and expressing feelings and emotions.

Old decisions that you might have forgotten and still have an effect on you can be found and looked at. This can cause awereness and create change in your life.


Duration: 60-90 minutes // Cost: 90 Euro

Sign up at +49 (0) 172 135 97 37 (WhatsApp, sms or phone).

(Also possible via zoom.)


Possibility Drawing

 (Whoever said you couldn't draw, is lying.)

Is your creation power locked up in a closed room? It is probably the case if you have been to school, where your creations were judged, graded and compared.

I invite you to open a new door to your creation power through Possibility Drawing. Possibility Drawing is drawing what your eye sees.

You elegantly steer clear of evaluations, judgements and assumptions.

Possibility Drawing offers distinctions and skills to awake your creative qualities as an artist and human being.

Acquire creative distinctions and skills that you can then apply to other domains of your life.


Individual or group session.

Cost for individual session: 1,5 h, 80 Euro / individual time agreement

Cost for group session: 2h, 10 Euros / person for a group of 10 people minimum

Sign up at +49 (0) 172 135 97 37 (WhatsApp, sms or phone).

(Also possible via zoom.)