The Golden Key Process is a process of heart connection with the Earth. People have journeyed to the Earth's primordial sacred space since centuries in search of answers, with a longing for love, beauty and dicovering their true purpose.

The Golden Key Process is a journey to the ancient source of wisdom and insight, to Earth, to Gaia.


Duration: 90-120 minutes // Cost: 120 Euro

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(Also possible via zoom.)


Feedback from clients:

In November '20 I got the opportunity to do a Golden Key Process with Martina as a spaceholder. I was in the midst of an existential crisis and didn't know what my next steps in life were.
Martina helped me crystallize my question: From 'the next steps' to 'What am I burning for?" to "Where am I burning?" which is what I ultimately started with. In doing so, I experienced her experience in navigating me to the core of my question. In doing so, she proceeded gently yet firmly, with clarity and connection. During the journey, I was clearly surprised by Martina's space holding: I have experienced journeys into the earth with other space holders before, but they were not comparable to Martina's skill. I felt her years of practice during the process, it was more intense, clearer and so much easier to stay in space.
I am very happy to have done the Golden Key process with Martina.
(Gabriel Millinger)


Space is not a problem for the energetic body, you don't have to be next to the gate, so you can do it from anywhere. This was one important insight for me. Another thing that I enjoyed a lot in the process: finding the right question. I really enjoyed that, it was different to the process I had done with Clinton in the labs, because we didn't focus so much on that, because we were many people. So I felt there was someone really assisting me in my process and finding the right question was like the preparation for the journey. Finding the right question can be like a really transformative process. I found it really amazing and I am very happy about your investigation and of you doing all this research to create the process. I felt really save and also guided. I would totally recommend the Golden Key Process to people.

(Yorgos Aenaos)



An emotional healing process is about consciously experiencing and expressing feelings and emotions.

Old decisions that you might have forgotten and still have an effect on you can be found and looked at. This can cause awereness and create change in your life.


Duration: 60-90 minutes // Cost: 90 Euro

Sign up at +49 (0) 172 135 97 37 (WhatsApp, phone), mail

(Also possible via zoom.)