Oswords - Gedichte und Texte

Hier findet ihr mein jüngstes Gedicht. Es ist quasi noch warm und pulsiert sanft in eurer Hand, wenn ihr es hochnehmt. Guten Appetit!


It all depends on the right moment. To begin with, all essences must flow back into the original body. All fluids flow to where they were formed and circulated from. All wants, all wishes, all thoughts and all feelings are again run and lived separately. Everything shared has ended. All in common, even the smallest spark, has been extinguished.


In this moment, which is only very small, which is like a very brief, quiet and short Now, in this moment, which, like running your fingertip over a smooth glass plate and finding a tiny grain of sand, can only be recognized with the utmost attention, the large being with the light skin and the dark eyes has to make a powerful cut with the sharp side of the already raised sword, and separate the Two from each other. If this does not happen, they cling together, eternally, like two corpses sewn together at the heart.


Whether it was successful or not can be determined by the silence afterwards. It must be big and deep and wide, overloud and audible everywhere. In the end, the whole universe falls silent for a moment and then everything stops before it starts moving again, squeaking and groaning. After this silence, the little birds are the first ones to reawaken.