Oswords - Poems and Texts

Martina-Riccarda Niklis

A space of my inner life

I publish my texts and poems because I want to show a space of my inner life that has been closed and in the dark for a long time. After my marriage fell apart in January 2019, I backpacked through South America for seven weeks. There, I had the same experience dozens of times: people open up and a connection at the heart level is possible when I show myself as I am, honest and vulnerable. This overwhelming experience finally led to the desire to open up more. I present my texts and poems here because I want to encourage you to show a part of you to the world. You see, usually the things you are so afraid of are not the ones that happen. That is why I tell you: Be courageous! Be afraid. Continue on anyway. Go to the edge and then one step further! And when you lose the ground under your feet: FLY!


Thanks to my brother, the artist Christian N.(www.gallery-of-mine.com)


Martina Niklis Ravensburg Schwert