Oswords - Martina-Riccarda Niklis

Coaching / Arts

Martina Niklis Ravensburg Schwert

Art connects worlds – I take people by their hands with my texts and poems. I encourage others to show what they do, to make it visible and to put it on display. At the same time, I have found ways to write with others.

I hold interviews to connect in conversation with people who have walked through a door. Even though they were feeling fear. Who are willing to put things on the table.


The loving warrioress – I am a warrioress, my sword is clarity together with oneness. Saying Yes! and No! without cutting off people’s heads, recognising and keeping my boundaries while dancing the loving dance of two beings. This is what my sword "Os" means to me.


The gatekeeper knows and guards the doors through which she herself has already walked. Doors leading into unfamiliar experiences, into more consciousness, into new possibilities. When I stand in front of a door, I don't know what is behind it and I go anyway. Feelings work can be a key, but so is experimentation and taking new perspectives. I have walked through numerous doors in the last few years. Those doors I can talk about, I can point to. I feel the burning wish to help people discover potential doors and go with them when they make their way through.


I am a spaceholder for the Golden Key Process, an energetic journey into the earth. Even after a few hundred doors into the earth, I travel there again and again.


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